The Client

Automation software specialist SolutionsPT (SPT) is the UK’s exclusive distributor for Wonderware, a global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) software.  Historically, the lesser known SPT relied on the reputation of Wonderware to provide it with an introduction to UK manufacturers.

The brief

SPT tasked The Right Agency with:

  • Raising the profile of SPT as an expert in the automation software sector in its own right
  • Positioning SPT as thought leaders
  • Sustaining UK brand awareness of Wonderware without reliance on new product launches
  • Driving direct sales enquiries
  • Supporting sales function by driving attendance at roadshows, conferences, and seminars
  • Increasing share of voice against competitors
What we did

We believed a highly targeted media relations campaign with thought-leadership at its centre would improve sales effectiveness, differentiate SPT and Wonderware from competitors, demonstrate their expertise and support sales by showcasing SPT’s understanding of customer challenges. 

To achieve our primary objective of raising the profile of SPT, we focused on engaging with Tier 1 media influencers, forming one-to-one relationships, sharing their content from social media accounts and issuing personal invitations to SPT’s conferences and seminars with the promise of exclusive content.   

To support the sales funnel by driving attendance at key roadshow events and seminars, we nurtured media partnerships, offering exclusive content and interviews.  We developed case studies mapped against key themes, such as energy saving and worked with big brands like Lucozade, placing the case studies in Tier 1 titles and using them across social media channels.

To position SPT as thought leaders and sustain UK brand awareness of Wonderware, we used survey data and media audit results to identify market need, developing six thought leadership pillars which bridged the gap between that need and the appropriate SPT and Wonderware solution. 


Media relations activity drove sales with compelling content that opened new doors for Wonderware and SPT.  We achieved 212 pieces of quality media coverage in an 18-month period, increasing SPT’s share of voice by 23%.  With zero advertising spend, we achieved more coverage than SPT’s two competitors (who were advertising) in nine of 15 Tier 1 media targets.