The Client

TrakRap manufactures its own secondary packaging machinery and designs low carbon sustainable packaging solutions for manufacturers of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods supplying supermarkets and retailers in the UK.

By eliminating the use of heat and shrink-wrap from the packaging process, the TrakRap System reduces energy usage by as much as 90% and plastic usage by as much as 70%, enabling users to significantly reduce their carbon footprints.

The Brief

With sustainability in the food and drink industry becoming an increasingly important issue for retailers, manufacturers and consumers, but with the TrakRap brand still relatively unknown, the company approached The Right Agency (TRA) to deliver a PR campaign that would:

  • Establish broad-based awareness and credibility for TrakRap within grocery, retail and pharmaceutical markets
  • Establish trust in an entirely new brand
  • Support the sales process by generating new prospects

TrakRap machine image

What we did

The PR campaign focussed on targeted media relations and the creation of market specific messaging, which presented TrakRap’s secondary packaging as a solution which would enable retailers and manufacturers to fulfil their sustainability commitments while lowering costs.

Aware that evidence of success was crucial, we also worked with TrakRap’s customers to create case studies showcasing the energy and cost savings delivered by the machines, identified key industry awards for TrakRap to enter and devised a thought leadership strategy which we used to secure editorial space and nationwide speaker opportunities. .

By creating a compelling biography for TrakRap’s CEO we were able to showcase his expertise in both engineering and retail and secure interviews with key publications.


In the first nine months of working with TrakRap we achieved 58 pieces of coverage across TrakRap’s target markets in top tier publications including The Grocer, Packaging News, Retail Week and FMCG News, helping establish TrakRap as the ‘go to’ secondary packaging company for industry comment. Media coverage led directly to several sales leads, with two major brands becoming customers.

The CEO’s retail and packaging expertise was profiled in Food Innovation, Packaging Europe and Packaging Professional, and he was invited to participate in award judging panels and industry roundtables as a result, while TrakRap was shortlisted for every packaging award entered.

We have now worked successfully with TrakRap for a number of years, with coverage levels growing year-on-year. We are constantly tweaking our strategy to ensure that it not only aligns to the company’s objectives, but to changing attitudes to plastics and packaging. TrakRap’s CEO is now a regular on the speaker circuit and that exposure has supported the growth of TrakRap’s new business pipeline.

“As a small team, we were nervous about having the resource to bring new product to market and, having spent so long in development, the launch had to work. The Right Agency helped us to develop clear and compelling messaging for our target audiences, unlocking the benefits of our product and communicating them to very different buyers."