What Even Is A PR Internship?

In my experience, a PR Internship is not easy to come by. Having sifted through a seemingly endless number of opportunities in other fields and attended numerous careers fairs – one of which included a marketing professional asking me: ‘what even is PR?’ – I was thrilled when, in May, I landed an internship position with The Right Agency.


I have always been curious about the mysterious world of PR but, as an English Literature student with no experience of the field in either study or work, the prospect of entering it was daunting at first. For my first official TRA blog, I thought I’d run through what I’ve learnt after two invaluable months at the agency:


  1. Internships aren’t about making tea

Since day one I have been right in the thick of it, writing press releases, preparing social media content, pitching content to journalists and aiding with client meeting prep. In fact, I receive more cups of tea than I make – something I will work on, sorry guys!


  1. PR lets you be creative

One of my favourite tasks is writing social media content for the clients I work with. Not only does it allow me to really get to grips with a client’s industry, it’s also a great opportunity to get the creative juices flowing by coming up with the most interesting content possible for a consumer audience.


  1. Feedback is your friend

I’ve never written anything that hasn’t been tweaked and I don’t think I will for a long time, if ever! I get great feedback on any writing I do, which is instrumental in developing my understanding of how to write trade PR – the exact reason I wanted hands-on experience.


  1. A team makes an office

I am lucky to work with a very talented and friendly team who made me feel at home in the office instantly, both at The Right Agency and with our office roomies at Umpf. They’re all a pleasure to be around and to learn from!


  1. PR is definitely for me

Coming from an English degree, this internship has taught me so much already and confirmed that I do want to pursue a career in PR – I have since been researching MA degrees in PR and Communications in Leeds.

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